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A new look! 

In order to accommodate ABM's expanding training needs Summit has upgraded their site. This will require new and returning students to re-register.

Summit Web Training Programs:  If your location was registered with Division Safety it is in the database and ready for web based driver training. If your location is not listed, please contact your Regional Safety Administrator. The ASP Decision Driving training course is on-line and available to new hire and current shuttle and valet driver employees. This class is intended for new hire driver training, remedial driver training and reoccurring driver training which is required every 3 years.  


Before an employee logs into the site, please note:  

1. They need to know what Division they work for (ABM Parking Division).

2. They need to know their Region .

3. They need to know their Location Business Unit Number.

4. They need to know their Location Name.

5. They need to know their Employee Number. They will log into Summit using their employee number for both their "user i.d. and their password..

Please print and save the Summit registration "quick start" instructions on how to navigate the training course and the employee training certificate  of completion.

 In addition,

A. You will need to be using the Internet Explorer Browser.

B. All pop up blockers will need to be disabled.

C. If the Summit Web Site requires it will prompt the user to "Install Active X" Components, you must install these components for the program to play properly.  

Thank you and enjoy the course